Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things take time.

Just a quick post.

We have FINALLY had a replacement window installed (two days ago) that has been cracked since the past winter!

In the kitchen / dining area there are two large picture windows, measuring 3 feet wide by 5 feet high, that look out onto the deck and the woods beyond the yard.

During a violent storm last winter, one of them started to crack.

The fissure grew gradually, and despite my best efforts to stave it's progress, it eventually became woefully compromised.

Epoxy, clear packing tape and a prayer were all that was keeping it from shattering.
Images of giant shards of glass from the old, NON-tempered window, slicing any one of us continually worried me whenever I looked at it.

However, we KNEW it needed to be replaced and continually kept TRYING to do so.
But, one thing after another delayed it.
We have had several contractors and window salesmen in to give quotes for the job, but most wouldn't do JUST one window, some wanted crazy amounts of money, and still another while giving a great price-quote, gave me a bad sense of how he was to do the job.

Eventually, I found, through a neighbor, someone whom they trusted to work on their property.
So, I gave them a call and they got the job done.
A new tempered-glass insulated window, installed within the time-frame stated, for the price quoted.
I'll have to get some wood stain to match the existing woodwork, but that's not a big deal.

We're just glad it's done.

I'll add a pic to this post later.
Not that anyone is really waiting with baited breath, but the views with the autumn leaves of color really IS a thing of beauty.

Only a day or two after this post was written and already every tree is leafless.
Winter is here, early and it's getting very, very cold.
I guess we got this window in just in the nick of time.
Anyway, no pic.
It's too depressing-looking out there now.

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