Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Détente & downtime

All the kitties are mellow and sleeping in the various hidey-holes and snuggly-coves that we have set up around the house.

I'm sitting on the floor of the living room, laptop on lap and relaxing watching a little tv, while Buddy is resting on a cushion under the papasan chair (that we call "the Baione", since it was given to us by our dear friends of that name), looking out the glass door onto the deck while Spanky sleeps nestled deep inside 'the Baione' (that has a blanket draped over it, forming a cave).

The wife is in the other room with Abbott and Cissy, all of them sleeping (or snuggling together watching a little tv as well).

A rarity in our lives presently.

OK. I just thought I'd document this momentous occasion where no cat wrangling or excessive full-contact cat-wrestling is going down.

Back to "Bones".

Ahh... Bliss.
Temporary as it may be, I'll take it.

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