Friday, November 14, 2008

So bad, so good (a childhood memory post)

I'm not just a writer of blogs, but a long-time reader of other's as well.

One such blog of note is "bitterandrew's" Armagideon Time. (new posts moved to here). It's a well written slice of life and times from one of the web's best bloggers. Comics, politics, life, human nature as well as animal stories and musical history all tossed into a complex-mind's blender and served to you hot and fast.

Reading one of his recent posts that dealt a bit with horrendous things that are served up by marketing people (and parents) of days gone by (i.e; the 1970's) - in that case; a horrific Popsicle recipe consisting of 99% Miracle Whip, sent my brain reeling back to that much simpler time.

I left a reply comment there, but I'll just toss it on here since this is where I should be offering up my reflections on things experienced in life.


It reminded me of a few times as a boy (yes, in the early 1970's), when visiting my then-best-friend; Mike A., for a day of play, where he made me a sandwich comprised of nothing but Chocolate Cake-icing on white Wonder bread.
I don't really recall if HE made the first one for us or if it was first prepared for us by his mother (who was a friend of MY mother, and how the two boys had become best friends).

My mom was far more "uptight" about things like eating right and all that than his was (although, I know for a fact that his mother DID care about such things, but just that even the occasional icing-sandwich was something like that would never have flown in my mom's company).

Growing up as I did, I was aghast at the apparent lack of anything even remotely resembling actual "food" or "nutrition" to be found therein...

until I took a bite.

While I have only had about 3 or 4 of those in my lifetime since then, (the last time being two decades or so ago), I still crave them sometimes to this very day.

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