Thursday, October 16, 2008

MEET the FAMILY : SPANKY (pt 1.)

Meet Spanky
(although, I wish it were under better circumstances)

(this photo was taken shortly after he first came into the house, while I was nursing him from other ailments.
He's about 4+ months here.)

Even before I was able to begin writing a post about our newest addition; 6-month old SPANKY, his saga has taken more dramatic turns than even the most tense novel.

He's currently going through some serious health-issues.
However, every time I think to sit down and type out my thoughts, the circumstances radically change and take time to process.

As of now, my brain and heart are both filled to bursting.

As it currently stands, he may have Liver Shunts, which cause the ammonia levels in his blood to climb to dangerous levels and affect his brain-chemestry; causing partial paralysis, spasms, vacuous staring and copious drooling.

We have to have some more tests done (oddly enough, I started writing this several weeks earlier when he had his first ammonia test done, but it's been a whirlwind of events, reversals of fate and other life-events crashing down around us.
Needless to say, I have only now been able to sit and think.
The calm before the storm.


Cut to a few days later, and the storm is swirling full-blown.
I couldn't even finish this post to organize my thoughts before events all spun around again.
I've been on so many phone calls with so many different veterinarians, that the sheer amount of information (and some conflicting or contradictory) is killing me, and taking vital time away from diagnosing what the problem is.

I'm going to post THIS much, and then start up a new one to take it from here.
If I wait another day, (if it's anything like the past few days) the entire situation will escalate and I'll be mentally and emotionally spent.

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